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    Baykal EM1 fertilizer – 1l.

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    Baikal EM1 is a ready-to-use bacterial fertilizer (microbiological preparation), containing a symbiotechnically self-regulating complex of specially selected natural living microorganisms.
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    Description of Baikal EM1

    Baikal EM1 is a ready-to-use bacterial fertilizer (microbiological preparation) containing a symbiotechnically self-regulating complex of specially selected natural living microorganisms: lactic acid and photosynthetic bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Saccharomyces products and a special liquid necessary for their life.

    Features of Baikal EM1

    contributes to the active fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by microorganisms that live in the root system of plants (rhizosphere);
    converts the associated organic and mineral chemical elements into soluble forms, assimilated by plants during growth and development;
    stimulates the physiological processes taking place in the plant cell, which leads to accelerated development of the vegetative organs and promotes earlier maturation;
    reduces costs compared to traditional technologies;
    contributes to the production of environmentally friendly products and restores the soil;
    prevents soil compaction with zero tillage.

    Baikal EM1 efficiency

    restoration and maintenance of fertility of different types of soils;
    increase the energy and germination of seeds (including hard-to-germinate);
    increase yields;
    increase crop productivity;
    reducing the need to use mineral fertilizers and pesticides;
    strengthening the immune system, reducing the negative impact of pathogens, improving resistance to frost and drought;
    improving the quality and safety of products;
    normalization of the state of the environment without disturbing the natural connections formed in the ecosystem.

    Application of Baikal EM1

    Baikal EM1 is an extremely broad-spectrum microbiological preparation.
    The main difference between BAIKAL EM1 and other microbiological preparations is its multicomponent nature. That is why it is universal and very effective!
    Baikal EM1 is successfully used in the following areas:

    plant growing;
    poultry farming;
    animal husbandry;

    Consumption rate of Baikal EM1

    For detailed information, please view and/or download the .pdf file below:

    Consumption rate of Baikal EM1 microbiological fertilizer

    Distributor of Baikal EM1

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    Questions about Baikal EM1

    Do you have a question or hesitation about the use and /or characteristics of the item? You can view the “Official Product Page” or the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, in case you do not find the answer you are looking for, please write to us or call 0887 339939 (9 am-5pm on weekdays).

    Official page of Baikal EM1


    For retail orders:

    For the city of Varna (updated on March 24, 2017)

    Delivery to ECONT office – BGN 3.69 per liter incl. Cash on Delivery;
    Each additional liter is charged BGN 0.36 (delivery fee and cash on delivery).
    Delivery to the exact address is paid according to Econt’s tariffs for all settlements.
    When buying more than 19 liters – Free delivery.

    For the whole country

    Delivery with ECONT – At the expense of the buyer (the above tariffs apply).

    For wholesale orders:

    With client transport;
    Delivery with ECONT;
    For orders over 501l – negotiable.

    Payment method
    For retail orders up to 20l, you can pay the value directly upon delivery by cash on delivery.
    For orders up to 500 liters is paid 100% in advance by bank transfer.
    For wholesale orders over 500 liters are paid by bank transfer 50% in advance upon request, and the remaining 50% before delivery.
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